More than just a form of entertainment, music is a worldwide field of study and business. Whether one is a soloist or a band player, music is serious business. From the young guitar student to the superstar bands of the world, music requires, and at the same time, instills Creativity, Knowledge, Discipline, Hard Work, Self Development, Commitment, Team Work, Respect, Constant Improvement and Self Confidence, not forgetting Good Health and Stamina. These values are essential not only for musicians but also for life in general .

What most people see in bands are just their external lifestyle, culture and outlook, which are part of a marketing gimmick to sell albums and concert tickets. What is really behind a band are all those hours of practice, the sleepless nights writing the music and recording tracks, learning new skills and techniques, the bonding of the members and the commitment towards each other.

It is this very essence of music that Ultimate Music is based upon.

The Guardians of Ultimate Music

Ultimate Music is a subsidiary of a much larger group of companies called the AVEM Group. Since the pioneer company IC Electronics was founded in 1970, it has grown from a small 2-man company into one of the largest professional audio-visual-lighting groups in Malaysia. Today, the Group has almost 300 staffs in 12 companies and operations in over 6 countries in the region. AVEM Group is the leading player in the supply, support, reinforcement, enhancement and reproduction music and performance. From the simple speech to the corporate event to the stadium concert, AVEM Group's products are there to reproduce the sound of music, loud and clear. Being part of the AVEM Group,  rest assured Ultimate Music is here to stay for good.

The Birth of Ultimate Music

After 39 years in reinforcing the sound of music, AVEM Group has now realize that we should take part in the development of the music. Hence, Ultimate Music was born out the passion to bring music to people, by providing the basic instruments, education and support for musicians and their performances. We want to support the musician community and more specifically, help the development of upcoming bands to realize their musical ambitions. This is the basic principle of Ultimate Music.

With this principle in mind, Ultimate Music started with a bang, with the first outlet opening in Jalan Imbi in May 2009, and, within 6 months, 2 more outlets were opened in Penang and Kuching respectively.  Plans for more outlets in other states are already on the drawing board for 2010. Since the first opening, we have expanded our humble range of products from just Behringer, Bugera and Stagg, to now include Traps, Schecter, BC Rich, Sonor, Tokai, Traben, Vater and Perri’s Leather, and more to come.

The Ultimate People

Ultimate music is run and managed by a team of musicians who have been playing in the local scene for many years. As musicians, our people can fully understand the needs and throughts of fellow musicians and are the best people to address these needs. As the saying goes, it takes one to know one. But our team has the added advantage of having extra skills and experience in professional audio-visual systems. This would enable Ultimate Music to provide musicians with insights and recommendations beyond the music and instruments, such as audio, visual and lighting systems that would add value and impact to their performances.

The Ultimate Support

Ultimate Music is not just about sales of products. It is not just a business transaction between seller and buyer. We provide the facilities for the customer to ensure that they purchase the right product and get the best service and gain some knowledge at the same time.

With our friendly open-door policy, anyone can come to Ultimate Music to test and demo our products, get value added services, gain some knowledge and information, practice their skill with jamming sessions, and get musician's advice from the Ultimate people. We can even provide systems recommendations and designs for AVL systems. Customers are welcome to come in and hang out with us, do anything and feel at home. We strive to provide that warm, personal and deeper hands-on experience. This is where Ultimate Music goes beyond the norm of being more than just a music shop. We want to provide that ultimate music and sound experience to our friends in the musician community.

We have plans in the future for starting up our network of music schools in our efforts for the betterment of the music community and industry. Please do come have a chat with us if you have some ideas in mind.